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Wine Rating Wine rating techniques have been around since the day that wine was created. There are a number of scales used to rank or rate a wine by. Some are only a twenty point system, while others boast one hundred.

Wineography has adopted the more conventional 50 - 100 pointing system (quality scale). 50 being the lowest and 100 being the highest points on the scale. The reasons for using this one are simple, it is the most popular and the others seem to not be flexible enough or too vast.

The tasting notes that you insert along with your wine ratings in Wineography are meant to be the main "judgment" on that wine. The rating score that you set for that wine is supposed to support your tasting note. Having said that, the top wine list can only show the best wines using each of the wine's rating scores.

5 Wine Awards Awarding a wine points anywhere from 90 to 100 means that you are acknowledging that this is infact a fine drop, an extraordinary wine! One of complex character and that you consider to be a classic. 5 Wine Awards will be presented to this entry.

4 Wine Awards Wine points between 80 and 89 show a brilliant wine possessing outstanding character and complexity. This exceptional wine will receive 4 Wine Awards in the review area.

3 Wine Awards A straight forward average wine are those between 70 and 79. A good, plain, middle of the road wine. 3 Wine Awards will be presented to this entry.

2 Wine Awards Wines between 60 and 69 are below the average quality wine. These obviously lack sawt after qualities that the top wines possess, and in some cases have bad qualities (flavours and aromas). 2 Wine Awards will be presented to this wine.

1 Wine Awards Wines between 50 and 59 are meant to be kept for cooking with. These are unfit to serve your guest at all. Only 1 Wine Award is presented to this entry.

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