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This wine review search page allows you to search through everyone's tasting notes (wine reviews and comments) and ratings of wines that they have recorded. You may filter countries from the drop down box to show all the wines in one country, or enter keywords into the keyword field to search all fields of each wine review. Only wines that have been rated will return results.

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Cascina dei Ronchi, Italy
USD 8.96
Red White & Bubbly [Gavi - 2011]
Rating: 87
Opened/Commented: 12th Jul 2013
By: harryw
CommentHints of fruit, no minerality, a pleasant wine as an aperitif.  
4 Wine Awards
St. Micheal-Eppan, Italy
USD 13.60
Big Nose Full Body [Pinot Noir - 2010]
Rating: 86
Opened/Commented: 8th Jul 2013
By: harryw
CommentEuropean style pinot. Best served with a slight chill. Not much fruit, some tannins.  
4 Wine Awards
La Cabane aux Oiseaux, France
USD 10.95
Red White & Bubbly [Rose - 2012]
Rating: 87
Opened/Commented: 30th Jun 2013
By: harryw
CommentTypical rose, this one from Bourdeaux. Not as dry as a provencal rose.  
4 Wine Awards
Villa Jolanda, Italy
USD 11.99
Liquor World [Prosecco - 0]
Rating: 86
Opened/Commented: 11th Jun 2013
By: harryw
CommentDOC prosecco. Very nice aperitif.  
4 Wine Awards
Primaterra, Italy
Price Unknown
Gift [Pinot Noir - 2010]
Rating: 85
Opened/Commented: 11th Jun 2013
By: harryw
CommentOk wine for everyday.  
4 Wine Awards
Diamarine, France
USD 9.86
Red White & Bubbly [Rose - 2012]
Rating: 88
Opened/Commented: 7th Jun 2013
By: harryw
CommentGood example of Provencal rose. Dry, crisp and refreshing. Perfect for summer.  
4 Wine Awards
Bookwalter Winery, USA
USD 19.78
Long Island Wine - Subplot 24 [Merlot Petite Sirah Cabernet Sauvgnon Cabernet Franc malbec petit Verdot - 2007]
Rating: 92
Opened/Commented: 3rd Jun 2013
By: harryw
CommentGorgeous wine. First tasted at Danny Brown's Restaurant in Forest Hills. Big wine that pairs really well with meat. Fruit forward with hints of tannin. Nice structure.  
5 Wine Awards
Tintero, Italy
USD 10.80
Dry Dock [Barbera, Nebbiolo, Merlot, and Dolcetto - 2009]
Rating: 87
Opened/Commented: 28th May 2013
By: harryw
CommentVery drinkable table wine. Nice bright fruit and very little tannin.  
4 Wine Awards
Warburn Estate, Australia
AUD 4.90
Rumours [Semillon, Sauvignon - 2012]
Rating: 80
Opened/Commented: 20th May 2013
By: christinev86
No Comment
4 Wine Awards
Andean, Argentina
Price Unknown
Gift [Malbec - 2009]
Rating: 89
Opened/Commented: 23rd Apr 2013
By: harryw
CommentOpened an hour ahead of eating a steak dinner as advised by some online reviews - it was excellent after letting the wine sit. I did not find the tartness or cherry taste that other reviewers did.  
4 Wine Awards

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